Future Works

Lithgow City Council has recently applied for funding to assist with the implementation of Stage 2 of the Revitalisation project. This project is in an early concept stage and is subject to changes. Input from stakeholders will be sought prior to and during the detailed design stage.

Presently the intended scope is for the replacement of footpath pavers from Cook Street Plaza to Bridge Street, the redevelopment of Pioneer Park and the initial stage in the creation of Bridge St Square.

Replacement of Pavers (Cook St Plaza to Bridge St) + Street Greening

This will be the first step in the replacement of all the existing pavers along Main Street. The existing pavers will be replaced with a combination of bluestone pavers and finished concrete (subject to final design).

Due to the large number of services running on both sides of Main Street, and the need to maintain availability of parking, the introduction of street trees is problematic. The Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan identifies Mort Street and Railway Parade as key green corridors with soft landscaping provided along Main Street. The Action Plan identifies some alternative strategies for the greening of Main Street.

This involves the planting and maintaining of existing street trees at the squares along the Main Street, which includes Eskbank St Square, Pioneer Park/Bridge St Square and Cook Street Plaza for the initial stages of works. To provide greening in between the squares, planter boxes with trellises are proposed. There is the opportunity for businesses along Main Street to be involved in the specific solutions chosen adjacent to their businesses and to have some control/ownership of greening elements.


Pioneer Park and Bridge Street Square

The Pioneer Park/ Bridge St Square precinct will create a major civic precinct offering a diversity of opportunity for day to day use as well as a key role in events in the town centre. The Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan identified the following objectives for the area:

  • Reinforce pedestrian movement between north and south sides of Main Street at this eastern “bookend” to the commercial precinct
  • Improvements and expanded opportunities for events
  • Allow for future connection with refurbished Eskbank Station precinct

This will be the next step in the creation of a series of squares along the Main Street corridor. The works proposed to be undertaken during stage 2 will involve:

  • An extended raised threshold at the existing pedestrian crossing to reinforce pedestrian priority and connection between all sides of the street. For this stage of works the raised threshold will extend from near to the Main St/Bridge St intersection along Main Street in front of the Courthouse Hotel. At a later stage this threshold may be extended to improve connection to Bridge St and the future Eskbank Station Precinct
  • Upgraded landscape treatments and design through Pioneer Park to increase potential for usage
  • Toilet accommodated to west edge of Pioneer Park

Overall Bridge St Square Concept – stage 2 works will involve the Main St / Pioneer Park section of works, with the square to be expanded as a later project with the redevelopment of Eskbank St Station to the North-East

Further details regarding this work and future stages can be obtained from the Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan.