The Revitalisation Project

Lithgow town centre is the major business hub of the Lithgow Local Government Area and also functions as the focal point for government and community activity. The Lithgow CBD is generally defined as Main Street, Mort Street and Railway Parade between Queen Elizabeth Park to the West and Bridge Street to the North.

In order to support the ongoing vitality of the Lithgow CBD into the future Lithgow Council committed funds to the development of a coordinated vision for enhancement and management of the public domain. In February 2014 Council appointed a multi-disciplinary team led by Turf Design and Environmental Partnership (urban designers and landscape architects) to develop the Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan.

A core part of the development of the Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan was to engage the community as experts and for the revitalisation actions to reflect their values needs and aspirations. Community consultation and engagement processes undertaken include:

  • Design and operation of an online survey
  • Undertaking of street based pedestrian intercept surveys
  • Conversations with key stakeholders
  • Creation of the Lithgow Town Centre Facebook page
  • Formation of the Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Committee

The general results of the consultation identified the following strengths, weaknesses and desired changes for the Lithgow Town Centre.

Strengths Weaknesses Desired Changes
Variety of food, coffee and cafes Lack of public toilets Attract discount stores
Range of shops Closed or empty shops Encourage more Sunday trading
The architecture – “so many different styles and eras” Lack of greenery Fill empty shops
Locally owned businesses Unstable or slippery pavements Provide public toilets
Community feeling Lack of parking Make street more pedestrian friendly
Range of pubs along street Distance between Lithgow Valley Complex and Main Street Create places for people to meet
Financial services and Post Office Lack of welcoming public areas Establish more greenery along street
Make street brighter, fresher and cleaner looking
Provide shelter in winter and shade in summer


Informed by the results of consultation the design team prepared the concepts designs and overall strategies for enhancement of Lithgow CBD.

The final Revitalisation Action Plan is available in the link below:

Lithgow Main Street Revitalisation Action Plan (108 MB) .

In the Action Plan the following were identified as priorities:

  1. Initially building on existing strengths
    1. Redevelopment of Cook St Plaza
    2. Establishment of squares through the Eastern End of Main St (Eskbank St Square, Bridge St Precinct)
  2. After initial consolidation – “spread the love”
    1. Development of Western End of CBD (Bank Lane, Lithgow St/Main St intersection, Queen Elizabeth Park/Theatre Royal square)
  3. Mark the Entries
    1. Develop gateways at the entrances to Lithgow to encourage passing travellers into the CBD (Main St/Great Western Highway intersection and Chifley Rd entrance to Lithgow)
  4. Infilling
    1. Replacement of Main St pavement
    2. Redevelopment of Burns Lane, Mort St Lane, Railway Parade, Mort St

Council identified the two central squares of Cook St Plaza and Eskbank St to commence the implementation of the Revitalisation Action Plan and funding was sought and received from the Commonwealth for the project.



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