Eskbank St Square

Over the past week demolition work has commenced on the Southern portion of the intersection. To enable this work to be undertaken safely Eskbank Street has been closed between Main St and Main St Lane. This period of work will involve the replacement of the road surface, reconstruction of the kerb and gutter and replacement of footpaths. Seating and a garden bed will also be provided around the existing tree adjacent to NAB.

Cook St Plaza

In Cook St Plaza current works have been focused on the Southern Western corner around the existing tree. At completion of works this area will have new garden beds (adjacent to the toilets) and platform seating (around the base of the tree). This location will also have a power outlet available for use during small and large scale events.

On Monday 19 February 2018 work will commence on the raised pedestrian crossing on Main Street. The work will be completed in 2 halves to allow one-way traffic to flow past the worksite. The work is a complete redesign of the crossing to allow better amenity for pedestrians day-to-day, and during events, improved sight distance between pedestrians and vehicles approaching the crossing and a longer raised section to slow traffic to safe speeds at this high pedestrian location.

The work has been scheduled to be completed in four weeks. To enable this work to be completed safely and efficiently while maintaining traffic flow and access to businesses, Main Street will be one-way between Eskbank Street and Gray Street.

Traffic Update

Currents works in Eskbank Street have resulted in the temporary closure of Eskbank Street between Main Street and Main Street Lane.

Commencing Monday 19 February 2018 one-way traffic will commence on Main Street between Eskbank Street and Gray Street.

Access arrangements to Main Street during one-way traffic restrictions can be viewed below.

Central Main Street

East Main Street

West Main Street