The following finishing touches are being added to Cook Street Plaza and are expected to be completed by the end of September.

  • The trellis walls in the plaza and plantings were completed this week.  The irrigation system is being installed and mulch will be added following installation. It will take some time for the plants to mature and create soft green walls at the edges of the plaza behind the seating.   Planting has also been undertaken around the Gum tree and at the back of the Plaza adjacent to the lane.
  • In the next two weeks the community notice board and Marjorie Jackson interpretive signage and plaques will be installed.
  • Movable custom planters and seating will be placed through the centre of the plaza to add seating and green elements.  This will allow flexibility during events as the planter seating will be able to me removed when required.
  • The final major construction work will be the installation of a catenary to provide lighting in the plaza.  This will be an exciting feature which will allow lighting during large events such as Halloween and at Christmas.  The Pier foundations are currently being constructed for the catenary posts.  The posts, catenary cables and lighting are currently being manufactured and will be installed when they are delivered.

Planting planters